Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Health

I am trying to keep it all together for the next few months. Not so easy! So, much to deal with. Still can't sit long. The doctor who took my tailbone out, didn't! I will be getting to a spine surgeon later, until then I will sit onn my water bottle. My eyes will be cleared of the caterracks after my knee is healed. I am looking forward to seeing again! Awesome!! My headaches are not giving me much sleep, another problem for down the road. They found two large flairs in my brain, I am on a strong dose of Copaxone. A shot every other night. Ouch!!! I am dealing. OK, I was until I fell in the kitchen and slammed my arm into the cabinet. So, the last few weeks have been a nightmare. I jammed my shoulder. I have been hiding it from my doctors, they will stop the new knee if I am not in great shape. It is better and I have a little over a week to get better. I will be in the hospital for 3 to 5 days. Then they will be coming home with me. It is all to get me back on my feet. 4 months and if all is well I will be going to England!!!! I have walkers, wheel chair and off To a wedding. I am thrilled to see my friends and family, some for the first time. With meds and pain pills I will be fine, I will sound off at the airport, I need to get my papers in order. I have had a hard summer so far and want it to get better, I guess next year will have to work! I have tried to not let other people make it hard on me. I am so lucky to have a husband and daughter to help me, I love them tons. I guess people who don't understand and don't back you, will fall away. I need to look to the further and stop looking at the past.I have been thrown away by the best, Maybe I will get into that on a later blogg. Until then stay happy!!