Saturday, January 31, 2015

Great doors

New front door and replace that slider with french doors. I know some like sliders, I love the looks of all those little windows of a french door. That front door was so icky and needed to be taken away. I wanted a window in the new door, it looks great. It adds more light to the front room, I need light it makes me happy! We will put screens on when we can. The yard needed so much work, No time to sleep!! No, really it just takes time. I have a wonderful husband that I over work. I am a lucky woman to have a man who does it all. He has worked his whole life in construction and now that he has retired I keep him hopping. 42 years of marriage and still working together, we do well together. We get a lot of attention here, taking a sad looking mobile home and giving it new life. A few have told us they check on us everyday to see what was done that day. "Do you to ever rest?" We have to say no we love what we do, it keeps us young, ha ha ha! I use meditation to calm, rest and get a better out look on life. It works and I would swear by it. Howard is using meditation to, it helps with 30% of your pain, he loves it to. I am going to try using it before and after my shots, I just wonder if it will help. Copaxon is a wickedly bad shot, it hurts so much. I have had to double the dose, I really am having a time with it. My brain scan was not good, I just have to keep going........


MS makes it all harder

The Tile and the carpet was worse than bad. I guess the people before us had pets that were left alone all the time, some of the floor had to be replaced before the new carpet was installed. The color is perfect! It was installed in the living room, hall and the bedrooms. I have had hardwood floors and chose to have the carpet. I fall a lot and it helps to land on something soft. Then a fresh new paint job and window treatments, so pretty. It is all coming along, but we have so far to go. We will have it better than new, better construction! I am doing all I can with my health issues, it gets harder as I get older to. I had surgery on my tailbone, not a good out come. I still can't sit or ride in the car for very long. I take pain medicine twice a day now and it helps take the edge off, better than nothing I guess. MS has so many side affects it can be hard to lead much of a normal life. It took quit control on the breast surgery, now I just have to have a sonogram twice a year. I was one of the lucky ones, just have to stay on top of that. I have been putting the finish on the walls and ceiling, not easy, but it looks great, worth it I guess. More surgeries lined up I have to get lots done before the next one!!!!!   

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The first arch goes in

Time to rid ourselves of the hole in the wall and build an arch. The hole once held an aquarium, until the last owners wife threw something at it, all gone! The arch is something I love and have had in my other homes. I think it adds some warmth to a room. Poor Howard, he never even says one word he just gets to it. I love how it separates the rooms to, too open is too open! I had arch's in my kitchen and my bedroom in Idaho, so great! We really loved it there for years. Howard got to visit his family and I got to know my sister-in-law best. She helped me so many ways and earned the name sis. When I needed help or just someone to talk to she was there. I will forever love her for that, thanks Sis. I miss her, husband Jim and my nephew Rob, it will leave a hole in my life. I am so thankful for my daughter Dee. Without her I would feel so all alone.  We didn't have a very good experience toward the end in Idaho. I think we lived too close, but all that ends well....... Ok, if you look at the picture, that bulldog Martha is laying there again, she works so hard!!!!!    

A new floor in our mobile home

First things first, a new floor for the kitchen. The floor had floor rot so it had to be ripped up and the sub floor replaced, then new tiles. I choose the light gray to bring more light in. The last two houses we put black and white in the kitchen, I am ready for a change. The kitchen looked better, but not my style, we have lots of work to do! A new refrigerator helps and the bulldog Martha loves the new floor. We have met some nice people here and they all seem to be interested in our progress. We got the mobile home for a great price, it had taken years of abuse. This made it possible to pay it off and start all the repairs. I would never be happy with someone else's work, so it only made sense to remodel. It was sound, everything worked and that was a plus. It is the best for us here, not what we are use to, but it works and we are happy. We started with a very nice home in Reno, the yard was so pretty, we would have stayed there and lived out many years. I was very ill and needed help, but family problems were too stressful making my exacerbations flare. The depression was out of control hitting a dangerous high. After breaking all the pictures of myself in the house, I was found curled up in a corner of my bedroom. Being medicated was not the answer only making me feel more alone. I missed my family so much, coming from a large one. I wish we could have stayed in our lovely home, but I needed a change of places. Howard had not spent time with his family in Idaho, so off we went. It took me years to get over the loss and I still feel the sadness at times. Living most of our lives in Nevada made it hard to leave to. In many ways it made me afraid to try new things. I am growing everyday! It is exciting to explore more and just a little fearful. Well, back to the work we have done to our  new home...........   

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Moving away from Idaho

Moving from our home in Idaho was bittersweet. I loved the whole placed we carved our for ourselves there. We had a wonderful house, lots of land and peace of mind. We lived there for over five years and enjoyed all it had to offer. We had good times and some very sad times. When I look back at the pictures, which I hate doing, I miss the  things we did. Growing, building, the sights and the small town feeling, it was the best, we got all it had to offer. I was in trouble with my health, the doctors in a small town are not what I needed and it caused me years of pain. My MS went too far, it is now a big job getting it under control, a breast cancer problem that is being monitored by the doctors I now see. It was a hidden blessing moving when we did. My daughter, grandson and son-in-law lived in half of the old church we remodeled into our two homes. They have moved on to California now to. It is so hard to rejoin the world. Getting a new start! We didn't just leave for health reasons, we left because we starving for the living, learning, knowledge and sights that we waiting for us beyond the Idaho borders. I feel better for the decision we made. Load the trucks and say goodbye to our little farm. We left behind family and that is hard, we miss them. It was as hard to go as it was to leave our homes in Reno, that story is for another blog. We found a new home and started remodeling right away. I love it here, I have so many things to do on my bucket list!!!!     

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Me at 63

Hello California

I think I have found the place I will live the rest of my life, California! I never thought I would live here, but I always loved to visit this diverse place. I love that it matters not who you are, you always fit in. We bought a mobile home in a great park. Another thing I thought I would never do, I never stop amazing myself!!!! I loved the farm and I loved the feeling of peace. Then it was time to start over again. Wow, why do I keep changing my whole life??? One reason was I need to experience life, I have so much more to learn and do. The other reason is I am sick. I needed the care of the medical field California can give me. I have the best doctors and feel better about future I now see. It has been a mad dash of appointment and tests, I am getting a well needed rest before the next medical on slot. We have been working on our home, making it our own, I guess work is rest for me. I just want things done before the next operation, my new knee! I really am looking forward to it, I will be able to walk, jog or run. I want to do a 5k this summer. It is a personal goal for me, even if I don't make the whole run it is on my bucket list and to try is the goal. I am excited to be writing on my blog again, I have so much in my head and so much to write about. So, get ready blog, here I come!!