Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A New Knee

This has been one of the hardest recoveries. Having a new knee was needed, but I wish I had put it off for a few months. My daughter and I have plans for some fun things, I need to be healed a bit more. Walking will be hard, I just need a little more practice walking, it sounds so easy and yet so hard to do.The doctor is happy with my  progress, I am a shinning example, most of it was hard and I made it look like it was easy. I have a problem letting anyone think I fail at anything. I am still on pain medicine and the nerves are causing me trouble, I hope it will be better soon. I have had a big flare with my MS, it has the nerves and mussels all mixed up. The spasms are hard to deal with at night. I just have to take the pain pills every four hours, I am not so happy about that. Just have to do what I am told for awhile, not easy for me. The scare looks good and better all the time.

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